Update on Things

I was reading over my older posts and realized I probably needed to update a few things to avoid some confusion.  And, sinse I have a massive headache, backache and chills AND I’m waiting for the dryer to finish with hubby’s socks and tshirt I figured I had a minute.

First, going to Scotland is expensive. Go ahead.  Search a travel website for tickets.  I dare you.  Now, when you come down off the ceiling understand I am ultimately PAYING CASH!!! for this.  Because it is difficult to book flights and hotels over the internet, or the phone for that matter without a credit card that is what I have been using.  I have been using ones with very low available balances so if I’m scammed they won’t get much.  AND as soon as the bill comes in I am paying it OFF!!! In fact, the one credit card is already showing the plane tickets so when I make the payment in a few weeks I will pay off the tickets in full.  If I’m gonna be teaching Financial Peace next month, I dang well better be living it.  I’ve also been using the envelope system faithfully.  That’s how I managed to help three other women get to Breakaway.  When you have to spend cash you tend to spend less of it.  Kind of “instant” savings.  This weekend I will be moving the trip money into the savings account so it will be harder to get to.  And I have been SAVING for this.  Really sinse last summer after we got back from Houston.  It wasn’t until I saw the flight prices actually go down that I thought this would be doable. 

Another thing, I am still working on the Fruits of the Spirit thing.  Sigh.  Not doing terribly well with it unfortunately.  It seems like every single day at work the PTB come up with yet another stupidity.  And sinse garbage does roll downhill, we (techs) get the brunt of it.  It does help to know that my boss completely hates it too.  It doesn’t help that HIS bosses don’t get it.  But, I still need to bite my tongue more with my boss.  I need to remember it’s not his fault. I am work in progress.

This not teaching Sunday School things is boring.  And, it doesn’t help that little Xavier has come up to me two Sundays in a row and asked me if I was still teaching.  Sob.  Cute little stinker. But I’m now committed to 13 weeks of FPU so I’m booked till September.

Well, I think that was it.  Plus my pain meds have kicked in at I gotta crawl into bed now.

But one more thing – STAR TREK is AWESOME!!!!!!!


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