How Does Your Garden Grow

This morning the hubby and I went to Home Depot.  We picked up the stuff for my container garden , some tomato plants, some grass seed, and lawn fertilizer.  And finally, I actually have pictures for my blog.


There are two of my bags of compost.  Ugh.  It truly stinks.



My wheelbarrow full of peat moss.

Now if you look at the first picture you can see the basketball hoop that really needs to go away.   You can also see the fifteen steam table trays I bought at Sam’s last night to plant in.  But first!  I planted two of my tomato plants in file boxes. 



I may have to remove the lids if the wind messes with the plants, but the boxes are plenty deep and large enough for tomatoes.  I  have another one in a regular hanging basket planter and one in a huge ceramic planter a friend gave me.

Then, I planted the foil trays.  First you poke drainage holes in the bottom.


Then you put in three scoops of peat moss.


Then one scoop of perlite.  It was supposed to be vermiculite, but Home Depot didn’t have any.  They barely had the perlite.  I could only get a very small bag.  Hopefully it was enough. Then you add the compost.


Then stir gently to mix well before planting.


Now you’re ready to plant your shallow rooted plants.  I’m putting spinach and lettuce and turnip greens in the shallow containers.  I might also do the peas that way.



While I was planting the vegies, hubby was tending to the yard.  It neeeds some serious tending.



Hopefully this will grow grass and not just feed the birds.



Now I’m off to nap before I go watch the girls tonight.  I’ll finish planting tomorrow.


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