I don’t think I’m cut out to be a Travel Agent.  Trying to plan this trip before the ticket prices go up is making me nuts.  Plus, I’m having to make hubby choose between things he really wants to do. 

I had no idea it was a full day’s journey to get to Skye on the train.  Arrrgggg!  Then it’s afull day back.  So basically, you need three days to make it worth going.  I’m seriously thinking I’m not into that.  It would be great to be on the train and see such a huge amount of countryside and all, but it would totally cut out some of the stuff I want to do.  It would mean I would not get to do stuff in Edinburgh and I really want to.  I’m gonna try one more time to find a route that would get us there faster, but if I can’t I’m gonna push for more days in Stirling and more days in Ediburgh with maybe a short train trip just for scenery.  Grrr…..I need more time and more money.  I guess  I’ll just  have to plan the next trip to go straight to Skye and stay there and visit the outer Hebrides .  Yeah, next year.


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