It’s Finished!

I survived Breakaway.  Mostly.  Except for a killer migraine on Saturday.

Everything went really well I thought.   We had a few hiccups, but what retreat doesn’t?  We had some grumply people, but they are everywhere.  Overall the feedback has been good.  Pretty much everyone had a good time, made some new friends, had a breakthrough, learned a new skill. 

So, what went wrong for me?  Construction!!!!  Umm….they couldn’t have told  me absolutely everything was torn up?  That there was no way to get to lodge rooms without driving through Timbuktu?  That the only  available extra meeting room was on the backside-of-beyond?  That parking was way too limited?  Those were some of the things the ladies had problems with as well.

I stayed exhausted the whole weekend.  I kind of expected that, but was really  hoping to not have the migraine.  It took most of the day to get rid of it and that was after taking Maxalt, Vicodin, and Advil. 

So, Campfire was really good.  The ladies were able to open up and express things and bond.  We needed to have some pre-planned music though.  No one thought of it cuz we didn’t think our guitar player was gonna bring her guitar.  It was nice to have, but we weren’t prepared. 

I. Love. Grandma. Maxine!!!!!  She is amazing.  I totally loved everything she said, but one thing really stuck – “Let God grow you up.  Stop trying to grow yourself up.”   Oh, and she knew who George Muller was. 

The Pastor’s wife was terrific!  I don’t know where she ever got the idea she might not be able to do this.  It was great!  I have kept her handout so I can go over it.  Very insightful.

The scrapbookers came back with really cool little picture books.  The  one Elder’s wife is really creative there.

The elk were EVERYWHERE!  And totally fearless.  They would mosey down the road right past you and never even flick a tail at you.  The deer were the same. 

I’ve had several ladies tell me they want to be involved with the planning for next year.  Which is great, but …… when did I say I was gonna do this again? 

I did have fun doing it, but what if the PTB don’t think I did a good enough job?  What if someone else (read Elder’s wife) wants to do it instead?  No skin off me.  I’m ok either way.  I can now say I did it.  I can now say I did what God told me to do.  Mission accomplished.

We’ll be having our wrap-up meeting Thursday.  After that, I think I’m gonna lay low for a bit.


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  1. J
    May 11, 2009 @ 19:36:00

    AWESOME! I read Julie’s account too. God is good and He is faithful to show up when He is invited! Way to go, girl.


    PS – No one else can do what God has called you to do. Know that waaay deep. 🙂 I am proud of you!


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