Final Breakaway Meeting

We had the final meeting last night and I think we are ready.  I think.  Oh, whatever.  At this point, it’s just too late if we’re not.  Yeah, I have a few more things to buy for one of my breakouts, and I still have to packup all my backpacks for one of my breakouts, and I still have gazillions of copies to make, but…..I’m ready.  My head is ready and my heart is ready.  If I forget something here in Denver while I’m up in Estes Park, then so be it.

The cd’s are done, the bookmarks look incredible, the goodie bags are packed.  I still need to fix the nametags so they actually fit into the holders.  I was close, but gotta tweak them.

Can you beleive it?!  We had TWO ladies ask if there was a space open to go.  Oh my!!!!!  Ok, so first I had to get exasperated.  How long have you people known about this???  Then I had to laugh.  Sure! Why not!  I can always sleep on the floor.  It’s really not a bother.  I just bought my husband a new sleeping bag, so I guess I can be the first to try it out.  Due to drama in the ranks, we decided to only allow one of the ladies a spot.  It actually works out just fine as there really was one bed left.  A couple of us will give up our goodie bags so everyone else is sure to have one.  I knew there was a reason I wanted to have a few extra.

Ok, so picture me jumping up and down and spinning around from sheer joy.  On the inside.  Can’t actually do that.  It would ruin my Southern Baptist rep dontcha know.


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  1. J
    May 11, 2009 @ 19:34:26



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