Breakaway Countdown Update

I am completely in awe of the ladies working with me on Breakaway.  We met at one lady’s house at 11 this morning and by 2:00 we were DONE!!!  We ironed on the Breakaway logo to 32 muslin bags – which had been sewn by yet another lady.  One of my friends serenaded us as we worked with her Native American flute.  She will be playing the background music for Communion.  Still another amazing lady showed up with – keychains, magnets, beaded ankle bracelets, bottled water, and totally cool potholder-goodie-bag-survival-bag thingies to go into the Breakaway bags. 

Then, we divided up all the icebreaker game gifts and thank-you gift items, determined what  games to actually play for the gifts, switched out a truck load of stuff to a different truck  to save time for one of the ladies hauling stuff up to Estes Park. 

Whew!   Amazing! I totally thought this was gonna take all day and not even get done.  God is good.


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  1. J
    May 11, 2009 @ 19:31:46

    The planning and all the work? The part I have always loved the most!


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