Strike and a Frugal Rant

As of 12:01 eastern time this morning, we are NOT on strike.  We will continue to work under the old contract until an agreement can be reached on a new one.  That was predicted, but in no way guaranteed.  Whew!!  As much as I could use a few days off, not losing any money is even better. 

With the “economy” the way it is,  with prices rising and so much uncertainty in the air, many folks are looking to cut back.  What’s the easiest place to cut back for most folks?  Groceries.  And that’s cool.  But, I am getting sooooo irritated at the various blogs and websites devoted to frugality and especially frugal cooking and shopping that tell me to “cut back on meat and buy  more grains, beans and pasta”.  And then what?  Spend all that money I’ve saved on diabetes medications and supplies?  Arrrrggghhhh!!!!! 

Nutritionists tell us that “sugar in excess is bad”.  Carbs are sugar.  Eight servings of carbs per day, PLUS “moderate” sugar intake is…….SUGAR!!!

For most people, this is really no big deal.  But, for those of us of a certain age, family background and weight it is a very big deal.  But I feel like the bad guy for bucking the trend.  It makes me totally understand my Great Grandmother who was diagnosed with diabetes and another disease that had contradictory eating styles.   She was damned-if she-did-and-damned-if-she-didn’t. 

Maybe I should post tips for low-carbers.  Hey, now that’s a thought.  I could join all these Frugal Friday blogs or Thrifty Thursday blogs.  Or, maybe I’ll just post stuff here when the mood strikes me.

This is my first Sunday in TEN YEARS to not have to teach Sunday School.  Hmmm…….what to do…..what to do.  I’m not so sure this is gonna work out for long.


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  1. katie
    Apr 05, 2009 @ 15:31:41

    oh no i agree completely. eggs can be just as cheap and have protein, there are ways to stretch cheap cuts of meat. there’s no reason to have to subsist on nothing but carbs, and it can’t be good for you either. beans and rice are fine in moderation but you can’t live off of it indefinitely without problems either.


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