A Few Changes at Work

It looks like my company may cause the Union to call the strike on Saturday.  We were told today that management would be collecting our access keys on Friday.  That means anyone who is not managment can’t get into the building.  Hmmmm…….

In other news I had  my yearly review.  It was definately not a bad review in any respects, but I still got my pride pricked.  Supposedly I did over half of the counted work in  our group, but still only made Satisfactory.  Not even a More Than Satisfactory.  I know it shouldn’t matter.  I worked and I worked hard and I made myself available for projects and training and I know all that.  So, it shouldn’t matter that I also know that someone else in the group got More Than Satisfactory and Outstanding.  It’s not a competition.  Still, I thought I would at least get a More Than.  Gotta work on this pride thing.

Also in my review meeting my boss wanted to know why my attitude from last year to this had changed so drastically.  Umm……let me think.  The Powers That Be got more stupid than usual, my integrity was questioned – on more than one occasion, gosh what could be wrong with that?  So, I told him.  I also told him I would keep in mind that it wasn’t the best way to be.  After more thinking about it, I’m starting to feel like he was trying to tell me to “shut the @#$% up” without actually saying it.  I feel like , now, I’m not allowed to voice my opinions or my disagreements or my irritation or God forbid! my anger.  Hmmmm…….Now I have to really think about this.  At first I thought “ok, good thing to know, God’s trying to instill more of those fruits of the spirit in me”.  Now, I’m a little pissy about it.  Also, if what the boss said is true, I have way more influence in the group than I thought.  Hmmm….. If it’s a God thing, then I need to do the work to correct my short-comings.  And yeah, it probably is a God thing.  But, maybe I just need to be pissy for a few more minutes.


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