My Tiny and Her Not So Tiny Temper

I just got back from watching Tiny while her parents went out on a date night.  Oh my goodness!  My Tiny is only six months old but she has the temper of a two year old!  Mama and Dada will have to work on her self-control when she gets older.  She fights sleep so hard and she already understands what’s up when you put her into certain positions on your lap.  She knows that putting her head in the crook of your arm and popping in her pacifier is supposed to help her go to sleep.  Not!!!  It’s her cue to grunt/scream into the pacifier and kick and squirm her hardest.  And rocking and back patting are certainly NOT going to help.  Sheesh!  Nana’s patience wears thin pretty quickly.  So, it’s off to the crib for a little alone time for Tiny.  She’s free to scream to her hearts content.  At least until Nana recoups and goes and gets her.  We both feel better usually and can even relax enough to get that nap she needs. 

That’s my girl!


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