Teaching God’s Word – I hope

I’ve been working on my lessons for the Breakaway.  I am feeling way overwhelmed when I think that I actually have to “teach” something real.  To think that people are actually paying to be there and listen to me talk!  Ok, yeah I know there are several other people talking as well, but still.  I’m having trouble listening to Satan whisper ugliness to me.  I know this Breakaway is from God and I know he’s been in the whole thing and I know He gave me the idea for this and I know He will make it whatever He wants it to be.  However…….


I really want to speak to the hearts of the women.  I really want to give the women tools to deal with the stresses and fears that can plague us.  With everything that’s going on with the economy and with our new President signing Executive Orders undoing things that shouldn’t be undone……there’s a lot to be stressed over and fearful of.  I just want to do this right.   Whatever that actually looks like.  I have so many things I want to say and I’m actually having trouble getting the words right.  That’s unusual for me.  I’m usually pretty good at b.s.ing my way through an English paper or other writing assignment.  Except this isn’t just a writing assignment.  This is important.  This is real. I’ll keep plugging away at it and praying over it.  God will just have to give me the words I need and help me not worry when things go His way and not my way when we get up there.  It’s bound to happen.


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  1. Jeanie
    Apr 03, 2009 @ 00:02:07

    So, He called you to it. He placed the vision in your hands. He knows your heart. And still, He will let you remain a little nervous and shaky, but that is OK, because that will keep you very very close to His heart – so that when you teach – you’ll be saying exactly what is He is whispering into your ear…right then.

    I can’t wait to rejoice with you over what God will do through you! Love you!


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