More Fruits of the Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit.  Don’t know why I’m suddenly having issues with them after 32 years of outright ignoring that little verse in my Bible.  I’m still working on self-control, but I’ve also (just today) been bopped over the head with “kindness” and “gentleness”.  I looked up the definitions for kind and gentle and almost burst out laughing at work.  Not one word of those definitions applied to me.  Sigh.


Now, I know women who embody those two little fruits, and I admire them greatly.  My Mommytine, my stepmother, my Aunt Jerrie, Linda, and Sandra, my Grandma, my husband’s Grandmom.  Not one of them are or were doormats to walk on, but I rarely hear (or heard) a raised voice from them, they are always gracious and polite. 


Girls today are rarely raised to cultivate these qualities of kindness and gentleness.  It is sad to think girls today take great pride in being rude and abrasive and rough-and-tumble.  I can’t find anything wrong in being able to play sports or do some of the things men can do if a girl wants to do it. I’m not one to limit what a girl or woman does simply based on gender.  But, I really think every girl should learn to be kind and gentle in her actions and words.  Not only does the Bible say we should, but it just seems to make a girl more a…..girl.


I’m sorry to say I have fallen into the trap of being “one of the guys”.  I work with mostly men.  I feel the need to change that.  I feel the need to cultivate not only the fruit of  self-control, but also kindness and gentleness.  I’m thinking in doing so I will keep at bay my tendencies toward pride that I have been dealing with lately. 


This is not going to be easy, but then again no change ever is.  I’d rather change myself then have God force the change on me when I don’t listen to Him.  Better the “still small voice” now.


I’ll keep you posted.


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