Fruit of the Spirit – Self-control

The Fruits of the Spirit.  How many times do we read over the verses and just move on.  How often do we actually stop and look at each of them and think “How can I build this in to my life? Am I doing enough in this area?  Which one do I need to work on right now”?  I have to say I am hugely guilty of NOT doing that.  Then I found a show on TLC and a website.  Then there was a link of said website that led me to a printout of character qualities and what they mean.  Embedded in amongst those character qualities were the fruits of the spirit.  Hmmm……


I chose to begin with self-control.  I tend to think I have none.  The definition on the website is Self-Control vs. Self-Indulgence.  I tend to indulge; in a variety of areas.  I indulge in food, I indulge in reading, I indulge in movies, I indulge in computer surfing, I indulge in anger, I indulge in irritation, I indulge in hurt feelings.  Need I go on?  Instead, I feel the need to work on self-control in food.  I know I shouldn’t eat many carbs so I need to put the cookies down! I need to put down the book, turn off the DVD player, turn off the computer and clean my house! I need to be more tolerant of my family members’ quirks, stop expecting everything to go my way, and banish the inner toddler! I need to stop believing everything is about me and has to be about me.  I need to stop expecting people in my family to read my mind. I need to close my mouth more. I need to read my bible more than my sci-fi books. 


All these things require self-control on my part.  It’s not so much a matter of saying “Look at me!  Look how “good” I am!”. It’s not a matter of being legalistic about things.  It is a matter of presenting a better picture of Christ to the world.  I’ll never be perfect. I will still have meltdowns.  I will still indulge.  But the Spirit will work in me to make those less often if I will let Him.   It’s not just about ME doing it.  It’s about allowing the Spirit to clean up some junk in me.  That’s why it’s called the fruit of the SPIRIT!  Not the fruit of me.


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