Watching God move

Have you ever been in a situation that looked pretty hopeless?  And you weren’t stressing over it?  And you got to sit back and watch God work?  And even thought the situation was different at the end than expected, it was actually better than originally planned?  That’s where I’m at right now.

I’ve been in charge of planning a women’s retreat for our church for the past year.  Actually, I guess I’ve more been the channel God has used to plan it.  We are coming down to the wire now and I have been completely amazed.  There have been problems and roadblocks from the very beginning up to and including very negative gossip concerning the retreat.  The final picture is not going to look anything like what we had originally planned, but it is gonna be better. 

The ladies involved have weathered the setbacks and the negativity and prayed us through to the other side.  In about 8 weeks we will be at the YMCA enjoying an amazing time of refreshing and learning and fellowship.  And it has been totally God’s doing.  The things we planned that were not really necessary, He got rid of.  The things we planned that are essential, He has protected.  He has brought just the right women together to lead the sessions and just the right women that need to be there.

I can’t wait til the final reveal.


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