My girls

I get to watch my girls on Saturday nights while their parents work.  It sometimes makes for very long evenings, but as my husbnad said, when they are older they will remember it. 

My Monster is 4 and my Tiny is almost 6 months.  Monster is such a love.  She adores animals and is very compassionate about people.  We’ve decided she is either going to be a people doctor or an animal doctor.  Last night my stomach was really hurting me so she came over to rub it to make it feel better.  That and Monster hugs will cure most ills.

Tiny is rolling over like a champ and starting to sit up on her own.  She love to bang her rattly toys around and babble at you.  Oh, and she absolutely, 100 percent, no doubt about it, ADORES her big sister.  Tiny’s face absolutely lights up when she sees her sister.  It is so cool. 

My girls are my reward for not giving my son away to passing gypsys.  There were days…..


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