My Garden Plans

In a few weeks I will be implementing my gardening ideas.  They have actually been gleaned from a website called Pathway to Freedom.  The website is from a family in California that transformed their typical suburban lot into an amazing small farm.  Although they have changed up their website and I can  no longer find the pictures or information that started me on this journey, I remember enough of it.  I really like their container gardening ideas.  The soil up here is just junk.  Good only for growing weeds unless you really build it up.  I don’t have the time or the money for that.

As I have been cleaning out the back room I have hung on to the various plastic storage tubs that had housed extraneous junk.  I will fill them with a good growing mix and then plant them in an intensive Square Foot Gardening layout.  I have single file boxes perfect for tomato plants, small 18 gallon tubs good for peppers, turnips, beets, collards.  I’m toying with the idea of buying some foil cake pans for the lettuces and other greens.  They don’t have a deep root system so I don’t really need my deeper tubs.  Since I live in the high desert, I will be using my saved up plastic coke bottles for drip watering.  Poke hole in the cap, cut off the bottom, stick them in the dirt, fill with water, let them drip, refill when necessary.  I killed off my other gardening attempt by trying to garden like I was still in the South. 

I have to wait one more week before I can send off my order to Johnny’s Seed.  I really like their variety and the fact that they have a lot of heirloom varieties.  Here’s hoping I can pull this off.  It’s gonna come down to the water issue and the bug issue.  Hmmm….gonna have to think about the bug thing.  Yuck!


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