I did it.  I ran to the hair salon after work yesterday (I had gotten a last minute call to watch my granddaughters) and got 10 inches hacked off  my hair.  Ok, it wasn’t really hacked off.  The lady who cut my  hair was very good and actually very helpful on different products I should be using to style my hair.  She didn’t try to sell me tooo much and told me how to use the two things I did get.  It feels so mu ch better.  It looks so much better too.  After I finished watching the girls I ran over to Sally Beauty Supply before they closed to get a good round brush for blow-dryng and some root lifting mousse.  I waaaayyyy overspent, but I still need to get another curling iron.  I’m thinking of cutting up an old sheet to make rag rollers, but I can’t use them every  night – thus the curling iron.  I probably will pick one up at Wallyworld instead of Sally’s.  Now, I need to surf You Tube for hairstyling videos.  I know they’re out there, I’ve seen some of them.  Sigh.  I’m happy about my hair.


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