With the economy the way it is and so many people having to do with so much less, I figured it was time to ramp up my thriftiness.  To be honest, my husband and I have been well and truly blessed financially so I haven’t been nearly as on top of it as I should have been.  But, our company looks like it may cause us to strike in April and I really need to be ready.

We’ve been doing Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University’s baby steps for almost two years now.  We are on the way to being debt free except for the  house by the middle of April.  It was supposed to have  happened almost a year ago, but life happened instead.  That’s ok, we’re still plugging along. 

In addition to just trying to pay off debt, I feel the need to actually take some practical steps to spend less of the cash we already have.  Planning meals before hand, shopping the sales, stocking up on loss leaders and cooking at home are things I have been implementing so far. 

I was in college during the fall semester last year and I was taking four classes to try to get my two year degree finished up.  That meant I had zero time to be squandering.  So, I made a month’s menu of dinners. We get paid twice a month so I split the grocery list into two week pieces.  This made things so much easier when I got home at night.  There was no crankiness as I tried to decide what to cook.  I just looked at the list, decided what day it was and there was my complete menu.  If I was really on top of it, I also used my crockpot to cook dinner for the really extremely busy nights – like Care Group or Women’s Ministry meetings.

Once I got done with school I fell away from sticking to the plan, so I need to get back into it.  It really didn’t take long to plan and implementing it was a breeze.  Now I’m looking at other things as well.  I have to eat breakfast or I don’t feel well in the mornings, but saving some time at home and money at work (on those days I run out of time and have to buy it there) I have decided to re-implement my frozen breakfast strategies.  I can do a baked egg, cheese and sausage casserole on the weekend, cut and freeze individual portions, then grab and go in the morning.  By the time I get to work it has thawed just a bit and I can heat it up in the microwave.  Cheaper and faster and far less hassle.

I’m also looking into making my own laundry soap and fabric softener.  I’m probably gonna use the formulas from the Duggar family website even though the recipes are all over the web.  I figure, with 18 children they probably know what they’re doing.  We’ll see. I’ll let you know how it goes.  I do have to wait another week though before I can get the ingredients.  My grocery money envelope is already ghostly empty.


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