About that submission thing…

I’m not sure why I’ve been convicted of this so much recently, but I really see the need to submit to my husband’s authority even in the small, silly stuff.  It’s an act of respect. It’s a boost to his self-confidence and sense of himself as a man.  It’s his due as my husband.

So, who cares if I use the lopsided lamp in my craft room instead of the expensive new one from Walmart?  My husband told me to get rid of the lopsided one.  It doesn’t matter that the tiny Scottish person inside me is screaming at the lack of frugality.  My husband told me to get rid of it. 

Before I get slammed, I know I’m blessed.  It hasn’t always been this way.  In the beginning of our marriage we had far more differing ideas of how things should be.  We’ve thankfully adjusted and gotten closer in our ideas of things.  I know not everyone can say that.

I know that for some women the very idea of submitting to her husband, even in a small thing, is simply out of the question.  The thought can run something like this…”If I give in to him about THIS thing, he will demand that I also give into him on This, and This, and This.”  May I suggest that if you”give in” to him on THIS, then This and This may not be so important to him anymore. And even if  those other things Are still important to him…….so what? 

No it’s not easy.  It’s not easy for me.  It never has been.  Sometimes it can really feel unfair.  Ummmm. Life isn’t fair.  Christianity isn’t about being fair. Thank goodness. 

It’s certainly not wrong for a Christian wife to have her own opinions and ideas of how things should be.  For heaven’s sake if we didn’t we really would be those mindless automations we’re so afraid of becoming. It’s just not a great idea to have strife, anger, pride, and arguments in our marriages.  That is certainly not God’s plan for marriage.

I’ll post more on this later.  It’s really too heavy a subject for one post.


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