A new look for me too….

I’ve been toying for awhile now with the idea of cutting my hair.  Right now, my hair is hip length.  It’s fairly easy to take care of…just wash it every three or so days, oil the ends, brush it in the mornings and pull it up in barettes.  Boring!!!  But, oh so easy.  However, my husband has never been crazy about it.

Now, understand my husband and I have never seen eye-to-eye about my  hair.  I want it long, straight, and easy-care.  He wants it much shorter, layered, and curled (not permed).  Blech!!  Ok, the style may look nice on me, but I soooo do not have two hours to spend on my hair every morning.

However, I have also recently been convicted that I should be submissive to my husband’s wishes even in seeming insignificant things.  Oh No!!!  I said the “S” word!!  Really, it’s not a nasty word like some would  have you think.  And, thankfully my husband and I do agree on most things.  Now at least.  One perk of being married for almost 27 years.

My husband has not said anything about my hair for a long time.  But, I know it’s not his preference.  So, tomorrow I am going to get it cut.  I’m gonna get about eight inches hacked off.  Then I’m gonna run over to Sally’s Beauty Supply and Ulta and pick up the hair styling products I have avoided like the plague – hairspray, root lifter, gel, mousse, heat balm.  Ugh.  But, if the ability to change my hairstyle at will, including curling it, is the end result I will be happy about it.


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