The Vacation from Dante’s Seven Hells

Yes folks, I’m finally back.  I’ve been on vacation (post and pictures soon) and had to come back to work to recuperate. The vacation was actually really good.  Relaxing with just the right amount of busy.  Until we tried to come home.

We got up really early Saturday morning the day we were to come home.  We checked out of the hotel around 6 a.m. and headed out of Grand Canyon National Park.  That time of day is just as the sun is coming up.  And when the mule deer and elk get up for breakfast.  About halfway between the hotel and the front gate of the park, we slowed down to look at some fawns off on the side of the road when WHAM!  We hit a deer darting across the road!  I start screaming, hubby starts yelling as the deer rolls off the hood of the car and skids down the road hooves flailing.  OMG!!!  We get the car stopped about the time the deer stops skidding.  He gets up, shakes himself off, and gives us a look as if to say “Really?” and walks off.

I was hysterical.  I just KNEW we had not killed the deer, but had injured him so badly we would have had to shoot him and try to explain it to the rangers.  Thank heavens the deer appeared to be fine.  The hood and grill of the car….not so much.  Really, it’s not all that bad for having hit a deer.  He just dented one corner of the hood and scraped up the grill enough to notice.  After we calmed down we headed on down the road.

We made it out of the Navajo Nation into Four Corners and stopped for the obligatory picture on the Four Corners monument.  Stopped for lunch in Cortez before continuing on.  Just east of Durango we realized we had a flat.  Grrrr.  So we pull over and haul everything out of the trunk to get to the spare.  At this point we are just under half way home.

Getting the spare on was fiasco enough, but then hubby looked at the tire that went flat.  He realized the tread had worn down to metal just on the inside of the tire.  Rats!  Checked the other tire and sure enough it was wearing in the exact same pattern.  Hmmmm…….car needs a rear-end alignment.  AND the other tire was ready to give out at any minute.

So, we limped back into Durango a little after 1 on a Saturday.  We stopped first at a junk yard a gentlemen who stopped to help recommended.  They actually had some rims and tires that would fit the car, but they really wanted way too much for them.  So on into town we go.

We stopped at a tire store and although they could have ordered in tires for us, it would have been Monday before they got there and we were due back at work on Monday.  Hubby’s getting really frustrated by this point.  He is in total “get home” mode.

As we are backing out of the parking space at the tire store…….we back into a very large truck.  Ugh!  We just caught the side of his very large, heavy duty silver/grey bumper.  All down the side of the car.  SMH.  The owner of the truck wasn’t even there.  He had left the car there to have work done to it.  So , we left our insurance info with the tire store guys.  Thankfully, the damage to his bumper was incredibly minimal.  I took pictures of it before we left just in case.

Now we go back to the junkyard and pay an exhorbitant price to used, gold spoke spinner rims and tires.  The guy at the junk yard put two of them on the back of the car.  Now understand, spinners are not installed the way a normal tire is installed.  I can’t really explain it, but suffice to say it ain’t normal.

Finally back on the road!  Twenty miles down the road to Pagosa Springs hubby says “We just lost a tire” as the left rear wheel bounces past us on the highway going 60 mph.  Oh fun.

Two hours on the side of the road before two ladies stop who thank goodness had cell reception.  They called us a tow truck who showed up about 45 minutes later and towed us into Pagosa Springs.  He dropped us at a very nice hotel which gave us a discounted rate.  And there we sat until Tuesday afternoon waiting for parts and tires to shipped in from Farmington.

Yes, we visited Dante’s Seven Hells that Saturday.  Lesson we learned from this?  Next road trip we RENT a car and pay the extra insurance.

Hope everyone else has been doing well.  Have a great week!!!

Garden Update June 2014 and Other News

garden june 2014 003

Spring/Summer is finally here!!!  I thought it would never warm up enough to really get the garden planted.  I was on FB today and one of my groups asked what everyone was growing this year.  I was a little shocked when I actually listed everything out.  Here’s what we’ve planted and/or bought for the garden:



yellow squash


tetragonia spinach

green onions




green beans

greasy beans





bell peppers

cubano peppers

jalapeno peppers

cayenne peppers

lemon balm






assorted colorful flowers to attract and keep bees

garden june 2014 004

garden june 2014 005

garden june 2014 006

garden june 2014 007

garden june 2014 002

(Do you see the mallow growing around the petunias?  I harvested tons of it from the yard already.  I also pulled purslane out of the main garden. I may try to dig it up and pot it next time I find some.  I love edible “weeds”)


Wow!  That’s a lot for the tiny space we have.  And I still want more!!!


The greenhouse is going to come in so handy next spring when I go to start my seeds.  I know I’m going to have to exercise  restraint or I will have watermelon in the back planter and corn growing by the driveway.  Wait.  Would that be bad? Lol.

In other news, I ordered more leaf-cutter bees.  They have arrived and are already hatching.  I saw one that had obviously just hatched from it’s cocoon.  It sat on the top of the bee house for a few minutes wriggling his butt and buzzing his wings before crawling off the edge and flying off.  They are sooo tiny compared to regular bees, but boy do they get the job done!  I already have some mason bee babies all cocooned up for next year in their bee box.  I’m hoping for lots more mason bee and leaf-cutter bee babies. Not to mention excessive pollination of my garden lol.

garden june 2014 001

Other than garden watching and tending I am frantically getting ready for vacation.  I spent so much time planning and preparing for my Women’s Retreat that now I’m scrambling to get everything ready for our trip.  Mostly that has meant ordering things for our rafting trip that we will do one day.  Who knew the Colorado River in the summer was still only 50 degrees?!?  That calls for rain suits and aqua shoes for the raft.  Going through the rapids WILL drench us head to toe and even though the air temp might be in the 100’s it will still be uber-cold from the water.  I also had to order a water-proof pouch for my camera.  No way I’m missing out on photo-ops.

That’s it for me for now.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week and Happy Father’s Day!!!

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My Newest Toy

Hubby has been diligently working on my newest toy for weeks now.  Finally, it is finished and ready for use.  And here it is…..

My new greenhouse!!!

retreat and greenhouse 013

retreat and greenhouse 014

retreat and greenhouse 015

It’s 10 feet by 12 feet and I can’t wait to start filling it up!!  Yes, there is a tree right next to it, but the greenhouse gets morning sun and the tree shades it from the harshest of the late afternoon sun.

Now, I’ll be able to start my heirloom seeds in the greenhouse and not have to depend on questionable plants from the garden center.  I can overwinter my herbs instead of having to replant every year.  But no, I’m not excited or anything.  Nope.  Not me.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Women’s Retreat 2014

Just a few pcs from the retreat last weekend.  More later!

sane ladies on retreat

crazy ladies on retreat

campfire retreat 2014

ladies at retreat

retreat pyramid 2014


I love my ladies!


Every Day Carry

Stuff can happen when you least expect it.  It usually happens at the most inopportune moments as well.  It really helps allay the stress of those moments when you have some tools at your disposal to mitigate the circumstances.

I really don’t like to carry around a suitcase everywhere I go, but there are some things I do like to have on hand in my purse every day. Some of the things I like to carry are:

EDC 5-12-14 001

flat credit card-sized multi-tool

bic lighter

solar l.e.d. flashlight (didn’t make the picture)

small med bag (didn’t make the picture)

(My small med bag contains:  bandaids, safety pins, antibiotic salve, aspirin, ibuprofen, Tylenol, heartburn meds)

lip balm

hand lotion

perpetual ceramic nail file

compact mirror

small amount of cash ($20 preferably in smaller bills)

Soon I’ll also include my handgun and extra magazine (sigh, I’m old-school…it’s a clip lol). Unfortunately, my workplace is a “Gun-free Zone”.  SMH.

So, do these EDC items guarantee my safety in the event of the zombie apocalypse?  Eh, not so much.  But, they do make life a little more comfortable away from home.  I want to add a few more items, but I’m still pondering what to add and how to carry them without the aforementioned suitcase.

Next up, I’m working on putting together Get-Home-Bags and Stay-Put-Bags for the office.  Although I have yet to need a GHB, I have had an instance where I was snowed in at the office and had to spend the night. An SPB would have been really helpful then.

So, what do you EDC and what things would you recommend for a GHB and a SPB?

Hope everyone has a great week!


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Girls-Only Weekend

I’m late posting this week due to my long weekend up in the mountains.  A friend and I went to the YMCA near Granby for the weekend and had a great time!

Some of my views:

girls weekend 5-8-14 003

girls weekend 5-8-14 002

We did some leather-work:

girls weekend 5-8-14 016girls weekend 5-8-14 017

Some archery (btw I found out I’m ambidexterous with a bow – I can hit the bullseye with either arm)

girls weekend 5-8-14 026

girls weekend 5-8-14 031

Did some wall-climbing (yeeeaaaahhhh…

girls weekend 5-8-14 033

Did some horseback riding:

girls weekend 5-8-14 052

Did some geo-caching:

girls weekend 5-8-14 013girls weekend 5-8-14 019girls weekend 5-8-14 025

Made some ceramics:

girls weekend 5-8-14 053

And just generally had a really great time.  I think the most stressful part of the weekend was deciding what to get off the buffet line.  Ahhhhh.

Hope everyone has been having a great week!








On Modesty

I had a conversation via Facebook with one of my nieces the other day.  We did not agree on the topic.  She contended that it was her right to dress in shorts and tank tops and not expect to be harassed by the male population. She also contended that men should just be better behaved.

I totally disagree.  Women, especially younger women,  tend to have this entitlement ideology that says “I can do anything I want and the world just has to approve/tolerate/and deal with it.”  Really?!?  Says who?  Now I’m not advocating the wearing of burqas, but let’s turn the tables for a minute, shall we?

Most women love shoes.  Heels, flats, sandals, boots, flip-flops – doesn’t matter, they’re shoes.  Ok, I know there are one or two of you out there that couldn’t care less, but you are the minority so sit back and listen.  Now, let’s say that it became the “fashionable” thing for men to drape themselves with pairs of really cute shoes.  I can guarantee  that women everywhere would look, point, discuss amongst themselves and the really brave would even approach a man draped in a particularly cute pair of shoes.  Now, what if those men who were draped in these cute shoes that were absolutely irresistable to women, would come up all offended that women were looking and pointing and talking amongst themselves and OMGoodness had the audacity to approach them?  Who’s fault is it now?  You don’t want to be pointed at, talked about or approached?  Don’t drape yourself in totally cute shoes that women have a hard time resisting. Fashion be damned!

Yes, I know that’s a pretty silly illustration, but do you see the point?  Women think they  have the right to wear things that incite men and do it with impunity.  No!  You don’t!

Men are very visual creatures.  God made them that way.  There is NOTHING inherently wrong with that.  But we want to beat men up for being that way.  Why?

Now, I’ll flip the coin again.  SHOULD men  be better “behaved”?  Sure.  Of course.  But guess what sweetheart?  You don’t get to live in a perfect world and neither do I.  If you choose to flaunt your skin/your shape/your body parts around men who are not your husband or brothers, then you should be prepared to deal with the fallout from that.  Otherwise, go change your clothes and cover up.

And on one last note, if you attend church…any church, anywhere…..cover up.  It’s offensive to be in God’s house dressed immodestly.  What kind of honor is that showing the One who Created You?

And now…..let the hating begin!  LOL.  Bring it on ladies.


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